the back story…

the back story

We have all done it.  Walked passed an unexpected object on the ground, wondered how and why it came to be in that place.

I thought…  are these two connected?  Probably.  What events came to them being left behind?  Is it from a car?  What type of car?  Was the person male or female? Do they realise?

Finally… should I pick them up?  No, they are best left for someone else to ponder!

Before and After…

Another Photoshop manipulation for my study at The CCP

Before and After




A white rose from our garden, catches some late afternoon winter sun

playgrounds are fun…

Took the kids to the playground this morning and saw some nice shapes and patterns.


a dull and overcast day here in Adelaide today, not even the sun could make much of an impact.




As we exist in the world, fragments of that existence are presented to the world.  These fragments are captured by all people in various forms, through sight then storage in their brain, then recorded or written in a book, through photographs, art, video and film, etc.

Almost all of these fragments never reach a medium outside the observer, but are elegantly and efficiently stored in our brains conscious and sub-conscious.

Many of these glimpses are innocuous or mundane, they lack the gravitas or circumstance for reproduction.  Destined or stored in the deep vaults of our consciousness, never to be reclaimed.  Are they completely removed from our being? I am not sure.

The ‘glimpse’ series explores and presents some of these innocuous and mundane recollections.  The objective is to trigger a recollection of someone you know or have met, or an event that you had long forgotten. It could have been a deeply personal relationship, someone you met briefly, perhaps only once, or something you experienced in private.  Perhaps it was something important, irrelevant, joyous or sad.

This ‘glimpse’ allows us to ponder and speculate moments of ours and other lives that may have been lost.

I hope you find some memorable!





As we exist and perceive the world, nature and civilisation often collide. A beautiful scene interrupted by construction, or vice versa.This Interference Series explores perspectives where nature and civilisation collide. These visual collisions create interference, leading to starkly contrasting or complementary scenes.

Individual perspectives will differ on the aesthetic nature of the interference.

I am interested in your thoughts…


Looking west from Mount Kosciuszko
Looking west from Mount Kosciuszko – Kodak TMAX400