20, 9 or 1?


This is the door to an ambulance station near where we live.  I liked to contradiction of the sign and the number of windows.

For those serious photographers out there, yes it has been ‘photoshopped’ for effect.  Can you see where?



…the way objects are made and their purely visual aspects. In painting, formalism emphasizes compositional elements such as color, line, shape, texture, and other perceptual aspects rather than iconography or the historical and social context. (wikipedia)

Clowning around…


Recently at the Adelaide Alpine Winter village

Victory Australia

I took this photo of the last ball (bowled by Ryan Harris) of the 3rd Test Match – South Africa versus Australia in 2014 in Cape Town.

Ryan Harris announced his retirement from cricket today, it is a shame injuries so significantly limited and ended his career, he was an outstanding Australian cricketer. Victory Australia

A street scene…

I don’t usually photograph street scenes… but thought this photo showed interesting gender perspective.  Not even the lady in the advertisement was interested in the skate boarder!

what boys and girls do…