Around Canberra

Spent a few days in Canberra recently, hope you enjoy these images…




This is an neck of a vintage four chamber glass liquor decanter (hand blown).   I have used coloured water to highlight the chanbers


A street scene…

I don’t usually photograph street scenes… but thought this photo showed interesting gender perspective.  Not even the lady in the advertisement was interested in the skate boarder!

what boys and girls do…

Cape Town perspective

Spent a week in Cape Town recently watching a bit of cricket.  So took a few photo’s while I was there…




the back story…

the back story

We have all done it.  Walked passed an unexpected object on the ground, wondered how and why it came to be in that place.

I thought…  are these two connected?  Probably.  What events came to them being left behind?  Is it from a car?  What type of car?  Was the person male or female? Do they realise?

Finally… should I pick them up?  No, they are best left for someone else to ponder!


Looking to the roof of the Tokyo International Forum.  Taken with a Rolleiflex 3.5e and Ilford400.



Bought a new grafted cactus on the weekend, thought the overhead perspective look interesting.