Tokyo perspective 2…

Tokyo perspective 1…

Some photos from a recent trip to Tokyo.


A white rose from our garden, catches some late afternoon winter sun

playgrounds are fun…

Took the kids to the playground this morning and saw some nice shapes and patterns.




Electricity sub-station, Adelaide

University abstract

My daughter went to a ballet rehearsal at Adelaide University.  They wouldn’t let us watch.  I wandered around for a while and this is what I found.

On one of the walls is a small white piece of paper with poem by Anna Akhmatova, a 20 century poet from Russia.

I drink to home, that is lost,
To evil life of mine,
To loneness in which we’re both,
And to your future, fine, -- 

To lips by which I was betrayed, 
To eyes that deathly cold,
To that that the world is bad and that
We were not saved by God.

Kodak 160NC, Pentax P3 and a CPL

These photos were taken with Kodak Portra 160NC film, ideally designed for portraits.  Quite an unusual range of blues emerged, when combined with a circular polarising filter (CPL)

Chips Ahoy

Scavenging seagulls at Henley Beach (Adelaide). They were hanging into a very stiff breeze, just waiting for a tasty morsel.

I shot this with a wide angle lens (15mm), so was actually much closer to these gulls than it appears.